Sunday, May 06, 2007

A New Day!

Today was the first day of my husband's new ministry. Russ filled in as "music man" at First Baptist Church of Clinton, KY today. He went Wednesday for some preliminary stuff, but today was his first full day. We went early enough to make sure everything was ready to go, and then attended Sunday School. It was quite enjoyable. And then came church. Even though it was our first Sunday morning there, it seemed like we fit in just like family. Russ did a great job leading music (I had no doubt!), and we enjoyed the interim pastor's sermon. After morning worship we met with the choir, and others interested in music. They haven't had a choir since Christmas, so even though many choirs take a break for summer, this one desires to get started and move forward. Some are still mourning the passing of their previous music director, who did their music off and on for about 30 years. My heart goes out to them, because this transition period must be difficult for them. I pray we minister to them in their time of need.

After the meeting we went out to eat with a couple of the deacon's and some of their family. I felt like we had known them forever. Just so easy to visit. I truly believe because the same Spirit Who lives in me lives in them, we are connected by an invisible force that paves the way for a sort of kinship.

Also, I can't not mention the food at the restaurant! It was a simple buffet but the food was like the cooking I had growing up. Fried Chicken, Meatloaf, Pork Loin, Black Eyed Peas, White Creamed Corn from scratch, mashed potatoes, fried okra, greens, green beans, rolls, salad and fruit bar, and chocolate cake for dessert. YUM.

We go back tonight to continue our time at First Baptist and will find out soon what the details are regarding our ministry time with this church. It's a privilege to serve!

(Oh...and for those of you wanting to know about our house situation: we still have not closed on the house. More mess-ups and more phone calls up the ladder at the bank. I think we must have gotten through to them because they have offered us an in-house loan if we can't get this loan they offered to us, which means a same day issuance so we could get the paperwork to the seller's attorney to draw up the HUD and finally close this thing. One way or the other, as long as the seller is agreeable to extend our contract, we will close by this Friday. This Missourian will believe it when she sees it at this point, saying, "SHOW ME!")

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