Friday, May 04, 2007

Here We "Grow" Again

We were all set to close today on our house, with a conditional approval from the bank. Utilities are arranged to be turned on today. But, we do not have confirmation that the appraiser turned in the documents the underwriter requested of him. The sad thing is, they requested it Wednesday morning, and all they needed were some comps (comparisons of other houses that sold in the area) that would back up the appraisal he gave our home. I guess the ones he turned in didn't measure up. But our Realtor had several that worked, so she sent everything the appraiser needed to do his job, TO him, and all he needs to do is transfer the information to his own letterhead. He said he would get it done by Wednesday night, but as of Thursday night we do not have confirmation that he did what he promised he would do. And since it needs to be overnighted, it is quite possible we will not make it to closing today. UNLESS he did send it and just will not return everyone's calls for whatever reason. We'll find out today when the businesses open. What is frustrating is that the comps he sent in did at least back up the loan value of our home, it's just that he said our home was valued at $20,000 more than the loan amount, and for some reason they want the comps to back THAT number up even though his comps DO back up the loan amount. UGH!

So, it may mean we lose the opportunity of having this weekend to work on the house while we are both off and also while our "muscle power" is off.

We need one more round of prayers, that all the documents are in so we can close on the house. We for sure have it, we just need all the paperwork to be there before we can get in.

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