Monday, January 15, 2007

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I've been extremely frustrated by the amount of forwards I receive in my e-mail box regarding illegal aliens in our country and the pro-English propaganda. To me, these forwards just breed hate. I can't imagine that is the answer to the problem. I wrote the following note to a Christian group in which I participate. Perhaps it will get us all thinking today.


May I respectfully ask the question that begs to be asked about some of the forwards the List is getting these past few months? It seems the targets are anyone non-American and non-English speaking. I'm a loyal American, but I have a problem being told I should treat others any "less than" what I treat the rest. And I don't see Jesus encouraging His followers to discriminate against anyone who isn't like them. The more people develop a focus that involves propagating hate about another people group, the harder it is to win that people group to Jesus. Perhaps you say, "but I love the people, I don't hate them. I just love my country more." How do our missionaries feel when they see these forwards in their mailboxes? Didn't Jesus die for those who don't speak English?

I'm very certain that if we checked our family tree, we would discover that we have non-American roots (except for the few of you who are full-blooded Native American, Inuit or Native Hawaiian). I vaguely recall the Statue of Liberty welcoming those from other countries. Has that changed?

Yes, we do have a problem with illegals "breaking in to" our country. I realize it is an epidemic and is costing our country millions. I'm not sure what the answer is. But since Jesus asks me to put myself in their shoes, I realize I might be very desperate to want a better life for my family, so much so that I would risk life or limb to provide a meager living to send back to my family in the "mother land." Are we reaching these illegals with Jesus and then helping them to work through the process to become legal? Or do we make them feel castigated by our "English only, American only" mentality?

You want them to speak English in our country, but when you travel to other countries, do you speak THEIR languages? Seems that would only be right.

I'm sorry, but this is something I'm passionate about. I hear preachers in pulpits making racial jokes and taking political stands against illegals. Where is the love of Jesus? Where is the gospel-the good news of Jesus Christ (crucified and resurrected and now at the right side of the Father)?

What if I were in this country and English was my second language? Maybe I was legal, but I was treated like an illegal because of my accent. Perhaps I was treated like a second class citizen (literally). WOULD I accept the gospel presented by a church or church member, if that church had treated me just like the world was treating me? What hope or joy could I possibly gain? I'm guessing I would say, "No thank you."

It is easy to send missionaries to other countries and feel good about doing our part for world evangelization, but what are we doing in our own back yard? Are we only reaching out to people who look like us and talk like us, or are we reflecting Jesus?

I can certainly agree to disagree agreeably with those who have taken a different stand than me regarding this. But if I say nothing on this issue, it is as if there is only one viewpoint to this problem. As if the entire group believes the same thing-that it is okay to spread mean words about those who aren't like us. I can't let that happen.

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Anonymous said...

People in our country are from all other parts of the world. Some work,pay taxes, some need assistence, and we help them. We treat them as patients because to us, they are. Jesus was all about helping others in need, and this what I believe touches his heart. But now where do you get the comparison to missionaries for example, name one that has gone there illegally and has figured out a system to basically live for free. Don't think that has happened with any missionaries I've ever heard of. Our Forefathers and those after him came up with an uncanny says...You Don't Work You Don't Eat. Mind boggling I know. If you want to play a role in our society, then do it. Get a job like all the rest of us, work hard for your money, and help people who are in need. And one more side note, if you go to a foreign country,don't expect them to speak your language. That would be rude to call Mexico to a hault to say, Oh, well now we must talk in English since we have english families here. You know what they would do...laugh at you, you will learn to communicate in the language of the land, and if the land is the US, then speak or be able to communicate in English, it is disrepectful no to do so.