Saturday, January 20, 2007

Topsy Turvy Week

What a topsy-turvy week! Let's see if I can hit some highlights, for all of you who come to the site for updates on my life. Here goes:

• Russ's dad just told us tonight that his CT scan of his lungs did show what they are almost 100% sure to be cancer, metastasized from his bone cancer (he had a toe amputated a long while ago and then a partial leg amputated in 2002). I'm not sure why, but they have determined it best to wait until April to do another test, and then to possibly do a bronchoscopy to not only biopsy, but potentially remove the tumor. I don't have any more details, but this sounds pretty serious to me. Of course we would appreciate your prayers. Russ's Mom died of metastatic breast cancer (to her liver and spine) in 1997. Russ's sister Cathy had thyroid cancer when she was in her mid 20s. Russ's Grandpa had two kinds of cancer (prostate and pancreatic). Russ's Grandma has had a type of lymphoma. In other words, it's a cancer family. Please pray!

• Russ has been sick with a cold this week and only worked a couple of hours today so he could come home and rest up for church tomorrow. Having a sore throat and cough hinders a music director from leading music, as well as teaching a Sunday School class, so we pray his voice is stronger tomorrow, and that he feels better. He said he tried the HMH: Hydrate, Medicate, Hibernate. Sounds good to me!

• I ended up getting so sick from the new diabetes medication (Metformin) that the doctor took me off of it. I went to see her yesterday as a "work in" patient after having too many tummy problems and getting lethargic. Sort of like a rag doll. Lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks (that part is good!). She said it was good I had come in to see her-I guess I was on the verge of dehydration. Anyway, she gave me a shot of phenergan and a script for the pill form as well and some other meds. I go back on Tuesday to discuss a new diabetes medicine after my belly heals up and also to decide if I have yet another sinus infection (or a lingering one). She didn't want to put me on more antibiotics with my tummy so messed up. I like this doctor so much! (But not enough to want to keep seeing her professionally.) ☺

• We had a blessing this week in the form of a "check in the mail." I received my portion of an inheritance from my cousin Mark's estate. I feel so undeserving of it and so appreciative!

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