Monday, January 22, 2007

Confession Time

My doctor took me off of the Metformin on Friday because of the GI-distress. Told me to eat a very mild diet until my tummy settled down, and to watch my sugar levels-saying they might go a little higher than normal since I was sick and also since I wasn't taking a medication.

Well, Friday I ate primarily carbs (she had recommended bananas, rice, applesauce, toast-all carbs). My blood glucose readings stayed between 98-108. I thought to myself, "Wow-these are good numbers. Maybe I don't need a medication after all. If I can keep my numbers in this range with carbs, how can I be diabetic?"

Then, yesterday I had no more vomiting, and reduced diarrhea, so I ate a regular meal. A friend gave us a roast dinner with veggies, potatoes, rolls, and apple pie. I ate some of the pie and my postprandial reading was 108. So then I thought, "Maybe I don't even have diabetes. Maybe my high readings were mistakes. Maybe it was because of the 3 days I had steroids in my system at the end of November, and maybe it just took a full 2 months to get out of my system."

So, here is the confession part: This morning for breakfast, there was some leftover apple pie staring me in the face, so I had a slice. Not smart, I know, but I thought maybe my system could handle it. WRONG. My postprandial (2 hours after meal blood glucose check) this morning was 187. It's not supposed to be over 140, and they really want it only 20 more than the fasting levels, because by 2 hours our body should be back down from the spike in BG from the food. Hard telling how high mine went if this was the "back down" reading!

Anyway-this was a reality check for me that yes I do have diabetes. Even though apple pie might make everyone's blood glucose go up more than a protein meal, it still should have only gone up to about 120 as postprandial reading if I didn't have diabetes.

I guess this little experiment has proven I really do have to be cautious with my meal plan. And that I probably do need a diabetes medication of some kind to help keep the numbers in the normal range.

Okay-confession time is now over!

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