Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gratitude List

I'm grateful for:

-Music. It changes my spirit within seconds-what power to uplift and energize! And I'm one of those gals who cranks up my radio in the car. I sing along too. You probably saw me looking really goofy at the stop light!

-A possible job. The PR firm who was considering me for a potential publicist position, was so pleased with my work that they want me to head up their new division-a speakers' bureau for novelists. If I take the job, I will work with fiction writers who also speak, and will possibly be helping coordinate blog tours for writers with a book launch. This is a different job than I originally applied for, but it is something I would LOVE. So now I'm praying about it, and will let them know before the end of the month. Will you pray with me? The note the president of the firm wrote me was a huge day brightener!

-A fuzzy robe. One size fits most fluffy shaped women. That means me whether I was a size 12 or a size 22. This one is special because it was my mother-in-love's until she passed away in 1997. Okay-so maybe it isn't as fuzzy of a robe as it used to be, but it still does the trick!

-A busy week this week. Something every night. That's okay. It means we have friends to visit and places to be where we have purpose. The nights at home are good too. We usually try to go for a balance, but this week we will just have to put it into overdrive and rest when we can grab a few minutes.

-An opportunity to vote. What a great country!

-Great news from a friend. His lung biopsy test came back negative. Woo Hoo!

So much more for which to be grateful. So little space. I'm sure it would fill up all the pages of all the computers in all the houses in the world if we were honest.

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