Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Attitude of Gratitude

(Written 2002)

Thanksgiving Day, as celebrated in the United States, was this week. What a great way to kick off the holiday season leading up to Christmas! One of the greatest reasons of all to give thanks is because we have the gift of Christ from our Heavenly Father. God's unconditional love allowed Him to give up what He held most dear, His perfect Son, to provide for a way of salvation for His created humanity. What better timing then, for Thanksgiving and Christmas to go hand in hand!

When we begin to think about it, we must admit, we are so blessed! Even families enduring great hardships can find something for which to be thankful. In fact, it is an attitude of gratitude which will transform a downcast spirit into a countenance radiating joy. Others may not even realize the trials you are enduring because your shoulders are not burdened down and there is still a spring in your step. Happiness depends on happenings, but joy comes when we focus on all the reasons we have to be grateful.

I know at least two families who read their calendars wrong and celebrated Thanksgiving last week. At first, I laughed at their silly mistake. But then I couldn't help but realize there is nothing wrong with wanting to hurry up Thanksgiving. In fact, it is one holiday that could change our world, if each of us would have an attitude of gratitude all year long.

Just think what a transformation would take place if we were all thankful. We would be thankful for our salvation, so we would tell others about Christ. They would become thankful for the gift and have their own spiritual birthday. We would be grateful for God's provision, and would share our provisions with those in need. We would be thankful for friendships, and would get along better with others. We would appreciate our families more, and would spend more time together. We would be grateful for our jobs, and would become the best employees possible.

Can you see how developing an "attitude of gratitude" could transform our world? It wouldn't just become a positive place to live. It would become a Christ-filled world.

May this Thanksgiving Day start your own gratitude revival!

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