Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CPD 23 (Thing #4)-Twitter, RSS and Pushnote.

I'm behind on my assignments with the Continuing Professional Development Program (cpd23), but I will play catch-up the next couple of weeks so I can stay on track. The goal is for me to advance what I do with my blogs. Thing #4 covers three tools for staying current: Twitter, RSS and Pushnote.

I'm still tweaking my twitter presence. I need to have a custom background and a better blurb. I'm pleased with my progress though. On twitter I currently have 2603 followers and I'm following 2837 others (on facebook, I connect with 3059 contacts). I like to share my blog post links and my e-blast links on these social networking sites. It's one way I drive traffic to my blogs. And I like to ask questions to help stimulate a more interactive experience. I've found acquisitions editors for book publishers are looking for writers to be actively involved in expanding their platform by engaging in meaningful conversation with their audiences, so this is something I look to do even better in days ahead.

I don't have RSS hooked up to my blog, but I'd like to get that as well as the subscribe-by-email widget on my site. I do sign up to read other blogs via RSS or e-mail, and I like how that works. I know more what I NEED TO DO than I make time to get it done, to be honest. I guess I need to give myself a break and allow baby steps, right?

I checked out the pushnote program CPD recommended, and while I did subscribe so I could look around, I just can't bring myself to add one more thing to my plate before I've mastered a few of the programs I currently have. It is a tool that allows you to rate and comment on any website. Sounds a little like what Google+ does. You are welcome to go take a look for yourself though, to see if this program would be of use to you. It's at:

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