Wednesday, July 06, 2011

CPD 23 (Thing #3)-Consider Your Personal Brand

Tips from CPD about Branding:
(I summarized and personalized their tips here from their full post at:

1.     Maintain a consistent image and ensure you are portraying an accurate reflection of who you are. My branding impression is strategic and consistent.
2.     Consider your core values and how you can convey those messages to those who meet you in person and those who find you online. I think my message has remained consistent with my "heart core" values.
3.     Name used: Kathy Carlton Willis or KCW Communications
4.     Photograph: I had a photo shoot in the summer of 2010, but I still need a photo that captures my essence. Everywhere I speak, people say I have more youthfulness and spark than my photo displays.
5.     Professional/personal identity: I’m pretty much an open book, so for me, the term coined by CPD works: "profersonal" demonstrates both sides at once.
6.     Visual brand: All of my KCW branding uses my logo and the color palette of various aquas and teals. My personal blog has some of these elements, but my professional blog has all of them.
7.     Time for a bit of a vanity check. Search for your name in Google. I have 38 pages of google links, and all are positive for my branding strategy.

More thoughts from me to go with this assignment:
1.     I need to be more consistent with my blog posts on both this personal blog and my professional blog at
2.     In weeks ahead, as I work through the CPD “things to do” I look forward to personalizing my blog even more (header, wallpaper, design, plug-ins, e-mail notifications, etc.)


Connie Arnold said...

Branding is important, and it seems like you are doing a good job with it, Kathy!

Hally Franz said...

I think I have my colors in mind, but that may be about it. I was so excited when I found that things came up when I googled my name. One advantage to being the only person in the U.S. with my name is that anything that shows up does belong to me. Thanks for the tips, Kathy!