Monday, July 04, 2011

CPD 23-Thing #2-Investigate Some Other Blogs

I'm playing catch-up on my CPD blogging program, so, here is Thing #2: Investigate some other blogs. 

This is something I do routinely with my communications firm. We have a database of over 500 bloggers we work with for book blog tours, book reviews, article placement via guest blogging, and more. I love seeing what they are up to. And then there are my clients—keeping up with their blogs. And cyber-following (NOT STALKING) other industry pros. I have to be strategic and selective in this or I could spend all my time reading blog posts and not being productive in other ways! The assignment suggests we leave comments, and encourage comments. That's probably one of my favorite parts of blogging—the interaction. What's your favorite part of blogging? What types of blogs do you follow?

The most followed/recommended blog in my industry is here:

Michael is the chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He takes blogging principles and puts them on STEROIDS—so brilliant!

One of my friends has great random insights. I find myself going over to her blog again and again, even when we haven't talked for a while. Life gets in the way, but our blogs can talk to each other! Perhaps you'd like to check out what Gina Stinson has to say. Her address is:

One more recommendation. My high school classmate, Joy Weese Moll is a librarian, and we share a love for books. She's the one who told me about CPD23. Her blog is:


Hally Franz said...

This is great info., Kathy, for when I do get my first blog up and going! It's a lot to absorb, as is connecting with 500+ blogs; hopefully, my brain can compute it all!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the shout-out! We need to catch up face to face ....literally or figuratively ...soon! Hope you're staying cool with some Blue Bell this summer! Tell Russ and Jazzy "hello!"