Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Santa

One of the e-mail lists I'm on suggested we write 2 things we hope to find under our Christmas tree, and 2 things we hop ISN'T there. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Santa,

I'd love to find under my Christmas Tree
If you would be so kind to me
Some new clothes that will work right now
I'll put them to good use I vow
It's 80 degrees here and I'm hot
My winter clothes are working NOT

Another thing I'd love to see
Right under my own Christmas tree
Is a spa day gift card as a treat
A facial and massage can't be beat
For lotions and potions to be slathered on
Is my wish so that stress-be-gone.

And things I'm wishing NOT to appear
Under my tree this very year
Would be bad health for 2008
For this I would really hate.
And also please oh Santa dear,
Make sure I don't have any fear.
Through Christ I can do all things
As He directs, my life will sing!

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