Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After-Christmas Sales Anyone?

I have to work today, so I decided to go to our local (very small) Wal-mart in our (very small) town, to fill my shopping basket with (very huge) savings.

I figured if I had to work today, the only way to feel like I was extending my holiday spirit was to buy some items with slashed prices.

Let me tell you some of my deals:

I bought lots of bath and body types of products for half price, and to be honest, the way they were packaged as sets, there's no way I could buy these individually any other time of year for this low of price. This will make good gifts all year round (and nice for my own simple indulgences as well!).

I needed a shower caddy, and found this one gift set that had a chrome shower caddy to hook over the shower head, along with cream bath, bath soap bar, shower gel, body lotion, scrubby puff, and flower shaped soap for only...drum roll please...$2.44! That's right, two dollars and forty-four cents! AND the B&B products came in a green color that will go with my master bath. How cool is that?!

I also purchased some candle sets that I had been eyeing before Christmas but couldn't bring myself to purchase at full price. At half price they were much more enticing! One came in a white ceramic container that will be perfect in my guest bath with hand towels, wash cloths, and B&B products stuffed inside. It also contained the kind of cermaic burner that holds a tea candle below and those wax muffin thingees on top that melt and make the whole house smell good. I had some muffin thingees but nothing to burn them in. Now I do! And the set came with some candles inside mini-tea cups that will work nicely for an upcoming tea.

I purchased foot bath fizzees on the cheap too. Perfect for an upcoming makeover night with our ladies.

I could go one and on, but all I can say is, I bought several pairs of socks for Russ, And a big coffee-flavored gift pack filled with 6 boxes of goodies for him, a stuffed animal, 3 rolls of wrapping paper and tags, 6 bath and body type gift sets and two extra large gift sets of various candles and containers, packing materials, extra tea candles, and a citrus reamer (our grapefruit are ready), all for...(imagine that drum roll again)...under $70!!! I don't even know HOW I managed that, but I'm stoked!

The store was not crowded at all. I started shopping at 7:30 AM and was out the door by 8:15 AM. Now I'm ready to work, with a little extra cheer buzzing around my head and heart!

Merry After-Christmas!

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Susan Stitch said...

Oh, I LOVE sales! I also hate crowds, so I tend to avoid day after Christmas sales. This year I was in our local Kmart during the third week of January and I thought I'd check out any remaining holiday sales (secretly searching for chocolate). Everything was 90% off...and there was a tof of stuff. I got enough brand name lotions and perfumes for gifts and to last me almost a year for less than $20. I couldn't believe it! And I wasn't even too depressed that the chocolate was all sold out. I can't wait for next year.