Monday, September 24, 2007

Be Careful What You SAY, Even More Careful What You HEAR!

Last night at church 2 conversations were easily misunderstood. Here's how it went:

Conversation #1:
Senior Citizen Lady: Russ, how far will you travel tomorrow?
Russ: Well, since I'll have the dog and Kathy, we'll only go 6 hours.
Senior Citizen Lady: RUSS! That's not nice!
Russ: Why?
Senior Citizen Lady: To say 6 hours is all you can take of your dear wife!
Friend of Senior Citizen lady: I think he meant that Kathy can't travel long distances at a time because of her health.
Senior Citizen lady: oooooh....

Conversation #2:
Pianist: Kathy, did you ever make it out to the cemetery?
Kathy: No, but I really want to go there soon!
Pianist puts loving hand on Kathy's arm, caresses it warmly and says: Don't worry Kathy, you've got plenty of time to get there.
Eyebrows of a couple of eavesdroppers raised!
Kathy to Pianist, while bursting out laughing: If they heard just part of this conversation, they would think I'm eager to die and go to the cemetery, and you were comforting me and encouraging me not to wish it to get here any sooner than it will!
Pianist: I was just letting you know that I feel good that you will be here for a long time next time you come.

Be careful what you say, even more careful what you HEAR!

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