Monday, October 01, 2007

A Day to Remember!

Today was our going-away day at Clinton's First Baptist Church. We were invited to sing with the choir, so that was special. And before the morning message, Russ and I sang a duet (and he played the trumpet) of the song, "Go With God." There were some tears in the audience, as the words hit home (HOPEFULLY it was the lyrics and not the notes! Just kidding!).

Before the evening service, we were honored to a church fellowship. The meal was yummy, the goodbye messages from the congregation meant a lot, and they even had a money tree and gift/card table. How thoughtful! We were only there for 4 months! But it did seem like we were FAMILY for all our lives-we just hit it off from day ONE.

Some of the sentiments we heard:

You'll never realize just how much you've done for our church.

You blessed our hearts just by being YOU.

You brought our church out of a dark despair with your music and with your smiles.

You loved on us in ways you probably didn't even realize.

You gave us confidence and helped us sing material we would have never attempted before-our choir sounded like double the voices because now we aren't afraid to sing out.

We know you went through some fires in your life and we just want you to know we think you have come out of the fires shining like gold. Your lives have inspired us to move forward when we didn't think we could.

I'm not ready to let you go.

Wow! Can you believe just how good God is to let us enjoy such kind words at a time when we needed it more than THEY knew! The truth is, the church became our family this summer-our brothers and sisters and grandparents too. They blessed us as much as they say we blessed them. The opportunity to serve there came at just the time we needed it.

Thank you Clinton FBC, for being YOU. And for those reading this from the church, thank you for the generous outpouring of gifts. And the notes were precious reminders of God's goodness to us through you.

It was a great day! It was so hard to say goodbye and to give final hugs. Some refused to say goodbye and said, "Until we meet again."

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