Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Blessings

I want to praise the Lord for His goodness to me. I don't acknowledge Him enough for all His wondrous works and ways.

Here's a partial blessing list for the week:

1. I have the best Invisible Friend in the world-the Holy Spirit indwelling me and whispering to me sweet somethings (because surely they aren't "nothings").

2. I received in the mail a magazine called ByLine magazine where my very first NATIONAL column appears. I'm their grammar guru and will have a full page column every other month. Russ was tickled when he saw my name, not just on my page, but on the inside cover, as a "columnist." I'm still pinching myself!

3. My husband's birthday is coming up-February 8th. I can't say enough about how God has blessed me with him. He is my anchor when I want to rush ahead!

4. My mother-in-love's birthday is today. She passed away 10 years ago. Hard to believe it has been that long. She made a huge impact in my life, for the GOOD. She also set the standard for being such an awesome homemaker so high that I don't even TRY to measure up to her. :o) Sure takes the pressure off! ~whew~

5. The snow coming down right now looks like God has broken open some feather pillows. It's so beautiful as it floats to the ground. The view from my French Doors is amazing as I look across our countryside.

See how God blesses? In little and big things. In people and in nature. In memories and in hopes for what is yet to come. In all these things and more, He blesses His children.

(c) Kathy Carlton Willis

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

Congrats on the national column! Very exciting! Hope you're well these days.

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