Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

"The following school districts are closed today, due to snow: Bowling Green, Clarksville, Louisiana..." Anytime snow fell, we huddled around Dad's radio to listen to KPCR's school closing listings. I grew up in Louisiana, Missouri, and it took quite a few inches to have a snow day. We loved having these free days off. No homework. No cares in the world. Just glorious snow calling our names.

First we bundled up in our winter clothes to enjoy the imaginary land of Eskimos and Snow Angels. When ice crystals hardened our gloves into crunchy wool, we stomped inside for a warm-up. With hot chocolate in our systems, we wanted to go back into the cold white snowy paradise. Before Mom allowed us to go outdoors again, we had to strip out of our cold, wet garments, and into dry warm ones. Often we would cover our cold digits with socks to shield them from the frigid temperatures, while our first generation of winter garments stayed inside without us, draped near the gas heater to dry out.

Winter holds many mysteries for young children brave enough to venture into the cold. Now I'm old enough to enjoy the sights from inside my warm home. I'm nostalgic when the children have a snow day, like today. My mind goes back to the fun of those days, many years past. A little cold weather didn't deter our zeal or our stamina.

I pray my spiritual stamina will not be slowed down by the Winter Season of my life. My desire is for God to renew my zeal and my passion, even if I must rest a little more between trips into the chilly world.

The pure white snow reminds me of the Savior's sinless heart and the beautiful icicles point me to His grandeur. The pealing sounds of children's laughter alerts me to a new generation ready to embrace the creator of this Winter Wonderland.

Winter becomes HIM.

(c) Kathy Carlton Willis

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