Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brain Fry

Ever had one of those brain-fry moments when nothing new can be learned or decided upon and nothing old can be recalled? I'm having one of those episodes right now. This week I've been in training to be a new publicist for Christian novelists with a PR firm. So much new information to learn. Formats, policies, names, locations, deadlines, personalities, campaigns, etc. Lord, I'm 44 and I know you can teach an old dog new tricks, but I do need a little extra assistance!

What do you do when you feel like you've hit the wall and you can't focus on any more tasks? Do you allow yourself time for a diversion? Watch mindless television? Take a walk or a bath and zone out? How do you free some space in your mind's hard drive so you can function with greater speed and ability?

I am doing all the tips the magazines suggest in those "Top 7 Ways to Improve Brain Power" articles. I'm getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy. I'm dealing with stress in positive ways. I have surrounded myself with a good support system. I've deleted negative distracters from my life and delegated tasks to others. I've even discovered which hours are my "brain surge" hours, and I work my most difficult mental tasks during that time period.

Right now I'm taking a breather from some assignments to write this article. Sometimes just changing gears like this helps. But I've also taken the time to pray and ask God to assist me. I know I can't do it on my own. The Bible says if any lacks wisdom, we just need to ask for it. Ask for it I will! The best part is, this isn't just for any old wisdom, but godly wisdom-even wisdom to read and understand the Bible-God's Word.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed and can't focus any more, take a five minute mini-vacation and visit the throne room of God. There's nothing like talking to Royalty to put things in perspective.

Then, get back to work! And with those words...I will too.

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