Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Rest of the Story

I have to share one reason why it was so cool for Wendy and Jack to invite us over for Thanksgiving (other than all I've shared). You see, we felt compelled to give up our own Thanksgiving meal to a family in need. Our church was hosting "Thanksgiving-in-a-Box." We encouraged families to decorate a box, and put all the major ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal in the box, including a turkey. We had already made one box, but felt like we needed to give away our own food too. So we took 2 boxes to be delivered to needy families. We were blessed to get to deliver 4 of the 17 boxes our church put together, and got to interact with the families receiving the boxes. They weren't families who knew how to "use the system" but families who just needed a little extra help. Many were multi-generational. We took a church member who speaks Spanish with us to interpret for us. She did a great job! Two of the recipients asked Russ to pray for them, and Dehlia interpreted as he prayed. It was a special time.

God blessed us in a special way-He made sure we had a Thanksgiving meal. Just an hour after we decided to give away our own meal, the invitation came to share the day with Wendy and Jack.

God is the great provider! He provided for the needs of these Hispanic families who wouldn't have a turkey dinner without "Thanksgiving-in-a-Box." And He provided us with not only a turkey dinner, but with the family interaction we so greatly needed our first Thanksgiving in the Rio Grande Valley.

I'm glad I listened and obeyed to that little nudge to give away my dinner. It might not have been the 5 loaves and 2 fishes that fed the multitudes, but God worked in a special way, none-the-less!

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Rel said...

Hey Kathy - well, haven't good things been happening for you two?! I am thrilled about your move and so pleased God is blessing you in this way.

Take care, my friend :)