Friday, November 09, 2007

New in the Neighborhood

The last 11 days have flown by since I first arrived in Texas. It feels good to be home. I told my mom I would not complain in the least if I became like one of those root-bound plants. You know the kind. A potted plant that really needs to graduate to a bigger pot, with its roots all wrapped up in the dirt-more root than dirt. Okay-obviously I was kidding-a little bit. I only want to live where God wants me to live. But my heart's desire is for us to serve longterm here at First Baptist Church/Raymondville.

The unpacking was slowed a bit because I've been fighting bronchitis the past 3 weeks-it's all better now. I guess I was just supposed to know my limitations-something I might not have recognized if I had felt better.

Last week I paced myself between unpacking and resting and getting to know my new surroundings. A church member became a widow, so the entire community showed up to show her our love and support. I got to see the surrounding area in its finest hour-being there for someone during their time of need. I knew then that I would fit in just fine! And of course, part of this outpouring is a testimony of how much Robin had been there for everyone else in the community during THEIR times of need.

This week, I've added getting back to work with my freelance job during the day (and some nights) and finding homes for items from unpacked boxes during my off hours. This home has no shortage of storage space! And just last night we finished buying window treatments for the 6th room of the house. I still have the laundry room and one bedroom to go (and maybe a color change for the master bath). I'm celebrating buying my first REAL drape, and having REAL curtains and not just mini-blinds in my windows. How's THAT for putting down roots?

Today we stocked up the refrigerator. I've gotten referrals for: accountant, pedicurist, hair stylist, doctor, housekeeper, and restaurants.

It's all coming together! And soon, we will enjoy entertaining our first guests. I can't wait! I'm so excited to start having people over, that I've already drawn up seven different menus to start with for guests.

And Sunday I substitute teach Sunday School for one of the women's classes.

I'm getting plugged in. And you know what happens when you get plugged in-you get energized!

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