Sunday, March 25, 2007

On The Way To Church Today...

One of the neat things about being in-between churches is the opportunity to visit a variety of churches to see what is out there. It's a time to experiment with new styles of worship and different sizes and structures and locations. Today we drove to Landmark Baptist Temple in Cincinnati, a church rich in history, but also known for making a transition into a more modern way of worship. We attended the 11:00 a.m. church service, which featured a praise band with tremendously talented musicians and singers. Honestly I felt like I was part of a concert setting, and it was amazing-with light show and everything.


On the way to church today, just before we made our last turn, we stopped at a red light and looked at the map. The traffic light changed and we hesitated just a split second before hitting the gas. Just enough time for the driver behind us to honk his horn.

The funny part is that they too turned at the church drive and parked in the lot to attend the very same worship service we were attending.

So much for Christians being in a "sweet spirit" frame of mind in anticipation of worship-at least, not the driver following us to church today!

It reminds me of something funny our Realtor told us. She said there was this car full of older ladies on their way to a church gathering. Another car cut them off in traffic. One of the elderly ladies told the older driver to give the other car "the finger." While that may sound crude, the funny part is that the driver complied with the instruction, shaking her pointer finger at the driver in a "shame on you" attitude. So cute-she gave him the "finger." Then of course they pulled into their church gathering to find the other car pulling into the same event.

We don't just take our reputations with us, we create our reputations on the way there!

(c) 2007 Kathy Carlton Willis

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