Monday, December 11, 2006

Going WAY Back

Tonight while looking for a certain size box, I dug up a boot box filled with items my Grandma Mary had saved through the years from our family. I smiled with delight as I saw childhood photos of my Dad and read letters he wrote Grandma while in the Army. She saved newspaper clippings whenever someone from my family made the paper. In a town of 4,000 there were plenty of slow news weeks, so we made the news a lot! I recalled events and occasions I had forgotten all about and learned new things that were not discussed in front of me as a child (or I was too busy to notice).

I always get nostalgic this time of year. I'll be turning another year older in a couple of days. That probably has something to do with the trips down memory lane. And the holidays inspire my most homesick feelings. Rather than try to ignore my feelings, I allow myself to become immersed in the quilt of love pieced from the scraps of childhood memories.

I'll try to type up some of the things I read, and if I get very creative (and plug in some extra smarts) I will try to scan in some photos to share as well. Come back for more!

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