Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Blessings-Gratitude List

1. I'm grateful for my Savior first of all. I know He probably didn't come on December 25th, but I know He came, and that is the most important historical event to affect me in such a real way.

2. I'm grateful for my dear husband Russ. He is such an amazing man of integrity and honor. I am a woman most blessed!

3. I'm grateful for friends who are the real deal. Not phony fakers, but super sincere. I know I can trust my heart to them.

4. I'm grateful for my "lot in life." It may seem bad, with 3 minor surgeries and 1 major surgery in 2006 and one more minor surgery on January 8th, but I am so blessed compared to others in my life. My friend Betty fell down her concrete stairs out back, taking the trash out, and heard a loud crack. She crawled back to her house because no one could hear her cries for help, and made it to the E.R. She has a compression fracture of her back (L1 vertebra) and must be in a back brace for 8 weeks. Her pain is so unbearable that the morphine is just now starting to help, days later. A six year old "little friend" of mine received bad news recently, so we went out to McDonalds to talk about it. She found out her mother had abandoned her at her father's house, and no one has heard from her since before Thanksgiving. Her teacher wants to know why she acted out at school by dumping her juice on the table. She received detention, but she just wanted a little love! So, all things considered, I'll just keep my bag of trials, rather than trade them for someone else's.

6. I'm grateful for my Christmas gifts. I love them all! And the best part was giving gifts to others. It seemed like my budget was specially-blessed and I was able to buy a lot for very little. Some would call it luck, but I choose to believe my good bargains to be a gift from God above.

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