Saturday, May 06, 2006

Living Out Loud Biz Report for April and up to May 6th

I wasn't sure whether to keep typing out my monthly business reports or not. Some see it as bragging, and I certainly don't mean it that way. It is more of a way for me to keep accurate records, and at the same time be accountable to keep plugging along at this writing thing. Also, I've had writers say it inspires them to keep at it as well, and gives them good ideas for approachable markets. So, because of all these things, and most importantly because I want it to be a "Thank you LORD" list, I write it here. Scroll past it if you are uninterested.

•"Scimitar's Edge" book review was used by Mike Parker with grassroots music and truetunes. But he is no longer their editor, so now I am finding other markets for my book and music revie

•I queried Book Talk News and they have accepted reviews for books "Abiding Darkness" and "Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man." They pay three times what my previous editor paid, so this is a step up. Progress! Also, the editor welcomed me to write her informal letters now, about book reviews, rather than formal query letters, so we have a great working relationship. I've been reading several books for review.

•Now when I see a book come out that I want to review, I write the author and ask if I can have a galley copy. I'm getting enough of a name, especially with Glass Roads Public Relations, that it is working! I might never have to buy another book. haha!

•I was given a work scholarship to go to a small writers conference here in KY in June. I will only have to pay for hotel and meals. They will find a woman for me to share a hotel room, to save on cost. I'll be helping with registration and their bookstore, but will get to go to all the sessions and will get to have a book table for my product, as well. AND they have asked me to consider speaking at the conference next year, and they are looking at my portfolio. How cool!

•Glass Road Public Relations with Rebeca Seitz has asked me for my editing samples, to consider using me on her editorial team. This would be HUGE! I'm going to send them a sample of a fiction book chapter edit, and a sample of a nonfiction article edit, as well as my portfolio (resume, bio, and references). Pray with me that I get this gig!

•I've picked up a few editing jobs that pay by Pay Pal, so that is a nice little bit of income (and I do mean little bit, but still nice!). I edited an article for Virginia Tenery, and hope she gets an acceptance letter from the publisher.

•Made several editorial bids.

•I've written several articles for Blessed Lady ( and now we are talking about me having a regular monthly column. She hasn't confirmed it yet, so we are still "negotiating." This is a paying gig. All of these have been so far. Except this next one:

•I've been asked to be part of the team at It isn't for pay, but is a nice outlet for my work, and part of my "pay it forward" philosophy to help other writers. They will be picking up my column about editing called The PUGS That Bug You (PUGS=Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, Spelling). I'm hoping this will be good exposure so I can build up my editorial business. This column is used at, so I will send to a month behind, according to the one-time rights agreement for a one month time period I've given dabblingmum. I'd like to self-syndicate this column.

•Today's Christian Woman rejected my query for "Why They Stay," an article about why abused women stay in relationships with their abusers. So, I turned around and queried "Hope For Women" magazine. I hope to hear something soon.

•I queried The Lookout for an article on "Top 10 Ways to Have a Healthy Church." I'm still waiting on a reply.

•I submitted an article for a book project called "Forever His." Now we wait for their reply.

•A couple of articles on speculation are sitting on Spirit Led Writer's desk, waiting for approval or rejection (she had accepted the queries upon speculation).

•New weekly inspiration columns were written for The Paris News.

•Was asked to be co-moderator of The Writers View. This is a listserve for advanced and professional Christian writers of all kinds. I'm blessed (and humbled) to get to rub elbows with some of the best in the business.

•Wrote an article for The Ready Writer.

•Am almost ready to send my monthly column to This one is about the use of ellipses.

•Continued writing mentorship with Carmen.

•When my mind has a free moment, I've been mulling around several book proposals.

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