Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grateful Gratitudes

Often, when things frustrate you, if you think of the opposite, it helps you come up with a gratitude list. Here are some I discovered, just be turning my little vents into thankfulness.

1. I'm grateful for fluffy towels. I discovered just how much this simple pleasure means to me when I went to a little roach motel that offered us crusty, thin, raggedy pieces of abused terry cloth they called towels and wash clothes. I no longer take for granted my Egyptian cotton bath towels. Call it a simple indulgence. Cheaper than therapy!

2. I'm grateful for my pets. I was away for nine days and had to make do with enjoying the company of my Mom's cat. I didn't realize just how much I care for Libby (10 year old calico cat) and Jazzy (six month old Boston Terrier). When I got home, I found out one of my friend's dogs (Sam/Samson) had been hit by a car and killed instantly. I can't even imagine the level of grief Amy is going through. But I can appreciate my pets more. They have received extra snuggles since I have been home.

3. I'm grateful for television. I know that sounds funny. I can live without it. One summer I went the whole summer without t.v. While at Mom's last week, I went 9 days without watching a single show. But you know what? Sometimes, as active as my mind is, it actually helps to slow my mind down, to engage in a television show. It may be an escape, but so is reading books, or doing anything else that brings pleasure. But, after the escape of choice, the mind is refreshed and ready to face whatever is ahead. While at Mom's-I read seven books. So that was my escape-my vacation from reality. And now, I'm ready to embrace whatever each day deals me. Since being home, I've heard some awful news from several different people I care for. I think I was ready to be there for them, because I had just come off of a time of retreat when I recouped from some of my own losses.

4. I'm grateful for Russ-my spouse. Now I don't want to brag too much, or one of you might kidnap him! I missed his companionship so much while I was away. He even cleaned the house while I was away, and organized some of our "stuff." The hardest part of being away for any length of time, is being separated from Russ, and from other heart-friends.

These are just a few things for which I'm grateful today. I can always find something to be grateful for just by thinking of those things I don't like, and then being thankful for the opposite of what I don't like. I don't like raggedy towels, but I do like fluffy ones. I don't like being away from my pets, or thinking about losing them, so that helps me realize how much they mean to me. I don't like to always have to be "on" mentally, so it is nice to have a break from reality with television or books. And I don't like being away from my husband, so I try not to take him for granted, and to appreciate the time I DO get to spend with him.

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Full Contact, Savior-centric Livin said...

What a sweet list. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful!