Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gratitude List

Here is my gratitude list for the past few days:

I'm grateful for:

-Getting great feedback from my editor regarding my latest CD review. He liked the way I wrote the review, and has assigned 3 more CDs for me to review next. It is published at both grassrootsmusic.com and truetunes.com. Here is the direct URL:

-Having a loving family adopt us for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our friends' extended families welcomed us with open arms-and they could COOK too! Still-I miss being with my own family-makes me nostalgic for years' past.

-The opportunity to "tag-team" teach with Russ in our adult Sunday School class Sunday. We are teaching on the six top potential trouble areas in marriage-and it is just better for them to hear it from the perspective of both genders! I love the chemistry of interacting with Russ behind the podium-it is an adrenalin rush for me.

-Completing a 10 week Bible Study series called, "Believing God", by Beth Moore, with several ladies of all ages from our church.

-Safety on the roads the other day. An overpass was icy, and a car was smashed into the guard-rail as I swerved by her. She was standing outside and waiting for help to arrive, and I was grateful to not hit her, or be hit in the process. My white-knuckle grasp on the steering wheel didn't relax until the car was in park.

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Mommy B said...

I am grateful for you and your perspctive. I always find your articles uplifting! Thank you Kathy!!