Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dream Bigger!

I'm traveling on a 10-day roatrip with assistant and friend, Gina Stinson. Her husband Bruce asked me one of my favorite questions tonight, and now I can't sleep, thinking about it. He asked me if what I'm doing now is "living the dream" of what I dream of doing in my life. My reply was, all this and MORE. I'm a big dreamer, and God is an even BIGGER dreamer, coming up with all sorts of exciting and challenging plans for my life.

The projects I'd love to work on are ones I sense God leading me to work on--some with church and community ministry, some with business (which is also a ministry).

The hard part is to figure out how to get from Point A (where I am now) to Point B (where I believe God is leading me). I don't want to have a 40-year journey in the wilderness, if I can help it! Just like we used mapquest to figure out our road trip route, taking us from our current position to our destination, I wish I could figure out a way to mapquest my life.

But there really is a simple way. Allow God to dream big dreams for me, and then obey Him as He leads each step. Each decision, each contact, each project, yielded to His direction. Yet, it's not always as simple as it sounds.

But it IS exciting. Maybe, just maybe the journey is as important as the destination. Gina and I are looking forward to the road trip as much as the conference, and maybe my life journey of getting from where I am to each task God has for me is just as important as the arrival. Gina and I will visit in the car as we travel. God and I will fellowship on my life trips to various God-directed tasks and projects. On this road trip we have to trust the map to get us there even on roads we've never driven, and we have to trust the vehicle to function properly. In my life journey, I have to trust to get ahead too. Trust God. And trust that God-given gut instinct He places inside of me.

I'm dreaming big dreams, and I'm determined to enjoy the trip as much as the destinations in this great big life God has for me!


Aileen Mitchell Lawrimore said...

Great message and so encouraging Kathy.


Kathy I feel I was drawn to your website as a person who knows what it means to DREAM BIG. It has been the very motto I have come to live by in these last three years of my life. I believe we place limits on what we believe God can do in our lives only because, when it really comes down to it we're afraid to dream because we don't really believe God. I personally believe that he can bring BIG DREAMS to pass. The ultimate question in my life was would he do it for me? YES,YES,YES! I know not only can he do it for me. He will do it for me,and now I can say he has done it for me! Continue to DREAM BIG and LIVE THE DREAM and DREAM EVEN BIGGER!!!! God Bless!