Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dream Big!

I'm working on dreaming big for 2009--writing down intentional dreams--also called goals. Not just any goals, but those I truly believe God would have for me. I'm challenging my clients to dream big too. A song I really like, with a peppy tune is:


Dream Big Lyrics

I believe that anything is possible
if we understand who Jesus is
I believe there's nothing that can
stop us
if we learn to dream like Jesus did
So don't limit your ambition
to what's commonly defined
God has a special heart
for those who walk outside the line
Don't be afraid to spread your wings
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1 comment:

Flower said...

Will you share what your dreams and goals are? I just posted my dream goals...the ones I will do...and kept the "other" list for later.
I've been looking at your web site and found your blog there. I'm not a strong writer but continue to learn in that direction.
Thanks for the lyrics!