Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Very GREEN Ladies Nite Out

Our Ladies Nite Out fellowships are scheduled the 3rd Monday night of each month. Tonight, it landed on St. Patrick's Day, so I had fun promoting our very GREEN gathering.

I've been telling the ladies for a month that we were going to eat all green foods. At first they were hesitant, not sure what to bring. I made a suggestion list with sign-ups, and we had a wonderful assortment, including: chile verde with flour tortillas, stuffed bell peppers, green mashed potatoes, green deviled eggs, broccoli cheese chicken and rice, green bean casserole, cucumber salad, broccoli salad, grape salad, guacamole and chips, spinach dip and crackers, pistachio salad, lime poke cake, green iced cookies and cupcakes, Andes mint pie, Asian slaw, relish tray with all green items, and more.

My DH helped me use i-Movie and You Tube to put together a 22-minute program with video clips all put together from: The Green Hornet, The Incredible Hulk, The Green Mile, It's Not Easy Being Green sung by Kermit, Green Green Grass of Home sung by Tom Jones, Green Acres, Green Eggs and Ham with Dr. Seuss. Obviously, we had a green theme going on, and it was a blast!

Also, I invited the ladies to come dressed for the occasion, and it was fun seeing some of the green get-ups. We gave away 3 green door prizes. And I shared a brief devotional on how we can be like St. Patrick by making a difference, so that years from now, we have a legacy. What we want on our tombstone is how we should live our lives. Will people even know our names in 100 years from now? Next time we wear green for St. Patrick's Day, we can use it as an opportunity to tell others about the prayer St. Patrick prayed (or at least, is attributed to him).

I of course warned them that there are many urban legends about St. Patrick, but there is a lot of good about him as well, and we shouldn't let another denomination be the only one to use him as an example. The main thing is to determine that we want to make a difference for Christ, to pass down a heritage to the next generation, so that after we are long and gone, others will remember what we've done, not so we have fame, but so we will have fulfilled our purpose to glorify God.

We had about 8 guests with us, so that's always exciting too!

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Bonnie said...

Never mind the question in my e-mail; this one has the answer! 3rd Monday! It WAS fun on St. Patrick's Day, although I can't truthfully say that all the food LOOKED appetizing. :-) Now I understand why my mother never wanted us to add blue food dye to the white cakes! C U soon! Blessings! Bonnie Brown