Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Precious Jazzy

Jazzy, my twenty-eight-month-old Boston Terrier, continues to make me smile. We have a fenced in yard separate from the door to the house, so I have to walk her out there for her bathroom trips, close the gate behind her, and come back in the house to wait for her to finish up. She cries the most pathetic cry to let me know she is ready to come back in. But as soon as she hears me open the door to come "rescue" her, she gets quiet. She doesn't cry one MOMENT longer than necessary. I know PEOPLE who would cry until rescued, rather than being content the very moment they know help is on the way. I can learn from Jazzy!

A week or so ago, we noticed our neighbors had a new dog. Jazzy sort of ignores their first dog, thinking it's sort of a big mouth. But this puppy-she love as if it where her own. She runs out to greet the dog now before taking care of other nature calls, or chasing off the birds, or whatever else dogs like to do in their own yards. The other night she heard the puppy crying, and she urgently had to go outside to check on baby-puppy to make sure it was okay. What a tender-loving doggy I own!

Yesterday I gave Jazzy a yummy chew treat (I guess they are yummy-she always begs for more--I've never personally tasted them!). I gave it to her to keep her occupied while I went away for the morning. When I returned home, she greeted me with the chew treat in her mouth and got all antsy to go out. Not bathroom antsy. She took her treat with her! I figured maybe she wanted to bury it, as dogs are wont to do. Not so. She wanted to share it with the baby-puppy across the fence. How thoughtful of her. KIND. So cute! She was dejected when she couldn't find the puppy. She decided to bring the treat back in to eat it, after abstaining at least 5 hours. I could learn a lot from her to delay gratification in life rather than wanting instant gratification.

Jazzy--the wonder dog!

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