Friday, March 11, 2011

SONG: Still by Hillsong (to go with my Rest Assured year)

I'm praying for my brother in Japan, his family and in-laws and all the others affected by these earthquakes and tsunamis. This song is so comforting in times like this. May it wrap around you like one of Granny's quilts today and reassure you. Remember my phrase for the year? Never more needful than times like this. REST ASSURED.



Jamie said...

Will be praying for your brother and keep Japan in my prayers all day long.

Marvin Ferguson said...

I will pray for your brother and his family. We have a son whom lives in Australia and spends a lot of time in China on business. So we can identify with you about different cultures and weather conditions.

Marvin Ferguson said...

I'm praying for your brother and his family and hope that through God his family are able to regroup, rebuild, and move on.