Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Phrase for 2011

Every year I try to come up with a singular focus for the year to keep me disciplined in the direction I believe God wants me to take for the year. The past few months as I've prayed over my focus for 2011, a phrase keeps coming to me. I've started hearing it everywhere. In sermons. In books. Even in commercials. And it's not a typical "driven with passion" sort of phrase. That phrase for me is:

There's a lot to be said for this determined focus for 2011. Last year I found myself trying to fix too many dilemmas in attempting to provide for my own needs. I ended up "worrying my prayers" rather than walking in complete faith. I wasn't hot and bothered in my worry, but it was a silent pressure always weighing down on me.
This year's rest is a different kind of rest. It's not a blind rest. A doubt-filled tossing and turning type of rest. No, God wants me to rest assured that He's handling my life. Rest assured that He is in control. Rest assured that if He leads me to do something He will equip me for the challenge. And rest assured that I don't have to be involved in every good opportunity that comes my way. I knew all of those concepts already, but I'm not sure I was really living them.

So, this is my challenge, and I choose to accept it!


Jarrod said...

Nice phrase to use. Kind of like the song "It is Well With My Soul".

Have a great 2011!

Anonymous said...

You are precious to me! I can hear "It is well with my soul" ringing in my ears.
You have been through the fire, but are such a child of God! I know he will pour out a blessing in 2011 that we can't imagine! I'm expecting mine and yours.

Marti Pieper said...

"Rest assured." I love the layers of meaning in that phrase. And I love the woman who's resting assured in 2011. Blessings on your year (and congratulations on the new website--smooth!).

Gina Stinson said...

Love your personal theme for the year. I can't wait to see how you fiddle with it for devotions and speaking too....'cause I know that's the way you roll!

Praying God's best for you this year!

Love ya!

Susan Stitch said...

What a sense of peace those words bring to my soul. I hope your year is full of peace as you live them out.

Nicole said...

I love how you break out this idea. "the silent pressure" vs. "rest assured that if he leads me to something he will equip me with the challenge." What a great reminder, looking forward to hearing more throughout the year!

Jeedoo said...

Came here from Nicole's blog. My word for this year is Rest. Certainly that is literal--I need to get more sleep. But it is much more resting in Jesus in all the circumstances of my life. Already loving the study I am doing. My verse is Jeremiah 6:16.

Holly said...

Wow. I'm claiming that phrase for my own life. I'm in a season of wanting to "worry my prayers" instead of resting assured.

Love this.

Soooo blessed to get to know more about you! :D