Friday, September 10, 2010

On a WHIM: New Article for Pastors' Wives

I have a new post over at The Pastor's Wife Speaks. I'll be writing a monthly column for them, and would love for you to support me over there as well as share it with any pastors' wives you know.

Here's the logo for it:

Here's part of it:

Hide and Don’t Seek?

Do you arrive early for church, only to wish you were invisible so you could avoid the verbal assaults from well-intentioned (and not-so well-intentioned) members? Here’s the scenario: Mrs. Crowder always has a prayer request. Those I can handle. Then Mrs. Berry hunts me down with a message for my husband because she doesn’t want to bother him, but he really should know that the microphones weren’t loud enough last week and the music was too loud and the people in the back couldn’t read the screens. Mrs. Tina comes running out of breath because the bathrooms are out of toilet paper and it would be easier for me to restock them than for her to do it—she needs to get to Sunday School class early to make sure she hears all the gos—er—I mean prayer requests. Then Rachel quizzes me on the spirituality of the recent youth activities and speculates that we’re just entertaining them and not winning souls. Tom pulls me aside to tell me that he can’t make it to a board meeting, and he’d rather not tell my husband personally—could I please relay the message for him. On and on it goes. People with criticisms, rumors, tasks, excuses, and the occasional prayer request.

For many years I could fake it when the demands made me weary. I just put on a smile, took a deep breath and continued on my way. Sunday’s only one day a week, right?

But then...
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