Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 into 2009

One of my biggest frustrations for 2008 has been that I feel like the year lived me rather than me living the year. The second half of the year I feel like I merely existed rather than living intentionally. There were some shining moments, but so many tests and trials that I worked hard to tread water rather than getting to cruise above the waves. Those who don't care for me might say that God was punishing me for something (it's always easy to judge when it's not happening to us!), and those who know me say that I'm being tested and refined. But they also remind me that if I put it down on paper, a lot got done, in spite of the frustrations.

I explained to my friend Cynthia Ruchti last week that whenever I face a new frustration (okay, I'll just say it, a new disappointment), I pray the following:

#1-God, is there some wrongdoing in my life I need to change?
#2-God, is there some way I need to make amends to someone I have wronged?
#3-God, are you trying to teach me something?
#4-God, are you trying to teach someone else something?
#5-God, is there a way you can get glory from this?

My biggest desire for 2009 is to live more intentionally. How can I do that even when I'm faced with a trial outside of my control (like a Hurricane or illness)? That is going to be my biggest life experiment to date.

One discipline I've enjoyed doing for years is an end-of-year evaluation and launch of the New Year with setting the goals God places on my heart. I don't want to just come up with a list of goals and ask God to bless them, I want to seek what HE wants for my life, and put those desires on my goal sheet as He directs.

This year, with my personal and business goal setting, I've come up with the following list of questions to assist the evaluation:

#1-How can we use KCWC (Kathy Carlton Willis Communications) to glorify Him and get the word out about others who glorify Him in 2009?
#2-What are the strengths of the company? What are my own strengths? How can we do more with these attributes?
#3-What are the weaknesses of the company? What are my own weaknesses? How can I delegate more to let go of my weaknesses and let others do what they are good at to free me up to do what I’m good at?
#4-What are some out-of-the-box ideas for our firm?
#5-What new services can we offer our clients in 2009?
#6-How can we build more clientele and give the staff the hours they want and need?
#7-What have been our biggest successes in 2008? Our biggest mistakes? Our biggest disappointments?
#8-Should we change our fees at all for 2009?
#9-Should we give our clients something that is “value added” in the current rates to help them see we are doing our part to give them more for their money?
#10-Who should I hire to do local work that needs to be done here at the “office”?

One of my steps for more intentional living in 2009 is to show up more here on my blog. So come back soon!

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