Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stash of Potential!

Today I watched Project Runway, which follows the lives of clothing designers as they compete through different challenges. I had a blast from the past, which then created some inspirational nostalgia.

The designers were at the fabric store and all of a sudden I was transported to my Mom's fabric collection growing up. Mom would buy bolts of fabric, or yards of it for future projects. Once a year we went to a big fabric sale at a garment factory--if I remember correctly they sold it by the pound for that special event.

Here's the inspirational point to this trip down memory lane. Whenever Mom and I pulled out the fabric it represented potential. Each piece of fabric meant an amazing possibility. We were allowed to dream big. Nothing ordinary. Each piece unique. Sometimes the fabric was never made into a garment because it was better than any pattern we could find and we didn't want to put scissors to it. As long as it was untouched it represented HOPE for the FUTURE.

I don't have a fabric stash. I have designer papers to make handcrafted cards. What is YOUR stash of potential?

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