Saturday, May 24, 2008

Simple Little Words with Big Consequences

Title: Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life
Authors: Michelle Cox and John Perrodin
Publishing House: Honor Books, a division of David C. Cook
Retail: $14.99 (hardcover)
Web site:

I’ve always said that the playground lyrics, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” has it all wrong. Physical wounds heal, but being wounded by words can wound for life. Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference in the lives of others are simple words of affirmation. Authors Michelle Cox and John Perrodin have rounded up experiences from familiar names such as: novelist Karen Kingsbury, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, and Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly, to name a few. Each story reflects on the power of encouraging words. Simple Little Words is jam-packed with over 40 true stories—from Christian writers, educators,songwriters, executives, Hollywood producers, and others. Just like I guessed on the playground as a child, little words can make a big difference!

The book shows that it is often what is said spontaneously, on an ordinary day that creates a life transformation needed for the hearer. Michelle shares a story from her childhood. “As a child from a dysfunctional home situation, I had no self-esteem and no self-confidence. On a class field trip one day, a classmate’s mom said, ‘You have the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen.’ To her they were ten simple little words, but to a child who needed to hear there was something of beauty about her, they were life changing. This book is a beautiful reminder that our words are powerful tools.”

John explained the takeaway value of the book when he said, “I hope the reader sees that our time on this spinning orb is short. We don't know how many more opportunities we'll have to look a loved one in the eye and say ‘I'm sorry.’ That's the beauty of Simple Little Words. We're not asking anyone to make fancy speeches or write eloquent tomes. All we're asking is that they take the time to speak life, hope, and love to those around them.”

I highly recommend this book. In fact, buy several copies because you will want one copy to keep and others to give away to others. It has caused me to want to get in touch with those whose “simple little words” impacted my life in a big way. Some are no longer here on earth, so the only way I can express my gratitude is to pay it forward by sharing simple little words with others.

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