Friday, April 25, 2008

I Like Reptiles--Okay, There--I Said It!

PHOTO CAPTION: The above lizard comes to visit each night, and blends in with his surroundings. He measures about 2.5 inches long, counting his tail. It will be fun to watch him grow!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've liked reptiles. In Louisiana, MO, that primarily meant toads and frogs and sometimes snakes. We traveled to Marlow, OK each summer, and many years I brought home a horned lizard (horny toad) with me in a shoe box, with holes poked in the lid. I loved the soft feel of their underbellies and their rough spiny backs. Their eyes told stories, and their tongues slurped up insects quicker than I could blink. I've lived in various different climates and environments since then, and always paid attention to the cold-blooded critters in my midst.

Now I'm in hog heaven. Or I supposed I should say lizard heaven! I chase them around the yard like the little girl I still feel I am inside. The best part is that late at night baby lizards hang out on my brick exterior and carport. I think they are geckos. And they have the ability to change appearance to match their background. Sometimes they are the color of tan brick, other times they are as white as the carport ceiling, other times they look like the dead leaves in the yard. Some of the babies have tails longer than bodies, with plenty of room to grow. Each night I count at least 4 or 5 lizards. It's like a treasure hunt to discover where they might be next.

And I must admit, there is a part of me still desiring to bring one in the house to watch it grow and develop. For now, I'll just admire them on each evening's walk-about.

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