Friday, February 08, 2008

Making 2 People Beautiful Simultaneously

I love the program, "Locks of Love" where people with long hair can have their ponytails sheared and donated to make wigs and hair pieces for others who have no hair. I know because a friend of mine has complete alopecia that a human hair wig breathes better than a synthetic wig, and styles like "attached" human hair.

I read an article about the program, and hair stylist Nancy Jones was quoted to describe what it is like to cut the hair of one donating to the program, and she said, "This is the most fun and miraculous thing I have done in a long time, because I make two girls beautiful at the same time."

That brought a lump to my throat to think of it.

And then I thought, that must be how our Lord feels when we share the hope we have within us with others. That hope makes them more beautiful when they receive it, and we become more beautiful in the sharing of it!

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